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    Doug Gleddie partners with UNESCO to develop quality physical education policy

    Physical activity is essential to our well-being, but many studies show that the average Canadian falls short of recommended daily targets. In an effort to encourage young people to become more active, UNESCO is now leading a new project to reform physical education policy worldwide, inviting Elementary Education faculty member Doug Gleddie as one of Canada’s representatives.

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    Elementary colleagues celebrate service milestones

    A Celebration of Service was held on November 28 to celebrate major service milestones for UAlberta employees, including two members of the Department of Elementary Education.

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    Award-winning Indigenous filmmaker inspires young women to realize dreams

    After a successful camp program this past summer, the Alliance Pipeline Young Women’s Circle of Leadership hosted its first callback session for camp participants on November 15. Organized by Elementary Education faculty Trudy Cardinal, Rochelle Starr, and Heather Blair, this session’s theme focused on the importance of having and realizing a dream. Guest speaker Georgina Lightning from Samson Cree Nation, AB shared her story and experiences with the young women of APYWCL, and how important it was for her to have a dream.

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