1. Difficult Histories Conference

    Teaching difficult histories brings inclusion, reconcilation to classrooms

    Dr. Carla Peck recently returned from New York City, where she co-organized and co-chaired a conference on teaching difficult histories. Working with Hunter College’s Dr. Terrie Epstein, the event aimed to develop a greater understanding of the complex and timely subject within global perspectives.

  2. Indigenous Fitness Plan

    Indigenous fitness program teaches teens healthy living through nature

    Healthy living can be a challenge for many people under any circumstances, but it’s only more difficult when faced with the social and systemic struggles that many Indigenous people deal with. The Alliance Pipeline Young Women’s Circle of Leadership (APYWCL) has sought to provide resources to young Aboriginal women for the last seven years, and has this year introduced an Indigenous obstacle course and fitness program to address those physical challenges as well.

  3. yiwcl 2015

    Healing a legacy of cultural genocide through a new generation of Indigenous women

    While Canadians grapple with how to handle the legacy of residential schools, the University of Alberta's Faculty of Education has spent the past seven years trying to heal some of those wounds. Founded by Dr. Heather Blair in 2008, the Alliance Pipeline Young Women's Circle of Leadership (APYWCL) strives to restore some sense of identity and belonging to young Aboriginal women while teaching them valuable skills based in traditional Indigenous culture.

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