1. Janelle McFeetors portrait

    Janelle McFeetors helps students find identity to encourage math learning

    Janelle McFeetors has spent her life in pursuit of improving education. After years as a high school teacher, the Winnipeg native is stepping into a new role as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Elementary Education. McFeetors is now applying her wealth of experience to inquiring into how students learn, and what teachers can do to help them identify as learners.

  2. teaser-ywcl

    Summer camp offers Aboriginal girls unique blend of traditional, contemporary skills

    A program organized by the Department of Elementary Education has become a valuable resource for young Aboriginal women, helping them to achieve their dreams through immersion in community, language, and culture.

  3. Janine Tine Vanier Award

    Janine Tine Vanier Recipient

    Congratulations to doctoral student Janine Tine, recipient of a Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship.

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